Using Chat


Keep in touch and share feedback with other members of your team and/or cohort by using Chat. 

Click the Chat icon in the upper right corner of the platform. Hover over each button to see the name of the channels available. Click on a channel button to switch channels.

Click the split icon in the upper right corner of the Chat module to view to chat channels at once.

Find help with chat by clicking the question mark icon.

Using Chat

To send a chat message, type your message into the field at the bottom of the channel and press "enter" or "return" on your keyboard.

You will be alerted about new messages in three locations:

On the org tree, teams with new messages will have a badge with the number of new messages.

The badge also appears on the Chat icon when viewing a team with new messages. This helps you see that there are messages even if your org tree is closed.

When you open the Chat feature, the channel with new messages shows the unread badge as well.

Available Channels

There are six Chat channels available, some may be disabled for your project.

Team Chat (Private): Work collaboratively with your team to coordinate interviews, assign tasks, and keep up with one another in Team Chat. This channel is only visible to members of a team.

Peer Feedback (Public): This is the primary channel used in the platform. The Peer Feedback channel allows other teams and instructors to provide feedback to your team. Each team in a cohort has their own Peer Feedback channel. When you switch to another team (via the Org tree) the Peer Feedback channel for that team will become active. 

Weekly/Period Chat (Private - Scoring Only): Discuss teams' progress while reviewing your fellow instructors' scores. Get to the bottom of how teams respond to your feedback and plan action.

General Chat (Public, Optional): The General Chat channel is a cohort-wide channel for broadcast messages for everyone in a cohort. When enabled everyone in the cohort can view and post messages to it. It does not change as you navigate between teams.

Instructor Feedback (Private, Optional): The Instructor Feedback channel allows the instructors in your cohort to give your team private feedback. This channel is team-specific and only available to the instructional team and members of the selected team.Team Members may also use this channel to directly communicate with the instructional team to get help or ask questions.

Instructor General (Private, Optional): The Instructor General channel is a cohort-wide channel for Broadcast messages to the instructional team only.

Instructor Chat (Private, Optional): The Instructor Chat is a team-specific channel private to instructors. It's used to by instructors to discuss the work of a specific team. This team-specific channel changes as you navigate from team to team.

Edit or Delete Chat Messages

Click the ... menu to the right of a sent chat message and select "Edit Message", then make the desired edits to your message and click "Save Changes".

To delete a message, just click "Delete Message" from the ... menu.

Create Links in Chat

To create a link in Chat follow this format [title of link](link.url)

[Innovation Within]( becomes: Innovation Within

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