Using Insights View

The Insights feature displays the evidence you've gathered in your customer discovery interviews. An insight is essentially a rich annotation you create to keep track of important evidence surfaced in your customer interviews.


Filters allow you to selectively view Insights by User, Category, or Canvas Segment. This makes it easy to review the work of others on your team and view insights of a specific category or canvas segment.

Try experimenting with the different filter settings. They can be used in combination to reveal very specific evidence that would otherwise be difficult to surface. For example: Show all Feature Requests that Laurie surfaced that are linked to our Value Propositions and Customer Segments. Or, show all feedback from Jared and Monica. The possibilities are endless.

Linking to Insights

By linking insights to specific hypotheses on the Canvas you can build the body of evidence from your interviews that validates or invalidates your hypotheses. 

If you forget to link an insight to one or more hypotheses, you can check the "No Links" filter in the "Linked to Hypothesis" section to see all unlinked insights. 

Click a unlinked insight to navigate to the interview.

To link the insight to a hypothesis:

  1. Click "Link Insight to hypothesis"
  2. Click a canvas segment from the model canvas.
  3. Choose a hypothesis from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click the thumbs up icon to choose if the Insight supports or doesn't support the hypothesis.
  5. Click the "Update" button. 

Note: You can link an Insight to multiple hypotheses.

When you return to the Insights feature, a badge in the links column indicates the Canvas segment the insight is linked to. When you hover over the badge a tooltip will display link details.

Hovering over the Quote or Comment in Insights will reveal the full quote in a tooltip.

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