Using the Scoring feature

Many cohorts have regular meetings where the teams present their lessons learned and progress. This can be a busy process with team presenting in rapid sequence under tight time constraints.The scoring feature is designed to help instructor mange this process with ease. This feature allows instructors to quickly:

  • Switch from team to team (using the Organization Tree)
  • Open the  teams presentation in a new browser tab
  • Score each team on multiple criteria (the criteria is specified when your cohort is configured)
  • Comment on the teams presentation
  • See the comments other instructors post
  • Chat privately with other instructors
  • Provide feedback to the team (in the Peer Feedback chat channel)
  • View comments from other periods or all periods.

1. The "View Presentation" button will open the team's presentation in a new browser tab. The teams provide links to their presentations in the Info Hub.

2. The current cohort period is automatically selected in the period menu and is identified with a yellow dot in the period selector line. If you hover over a period, its date range shows.

3. The private instructor only chat channel appears on the top chat panel. It's used primarily for discussing logistics to keep things running smoothly. The chat channel below it is typically set to "Peer Feedback" to allow you to give the teams feedback on their presentations. You can select other channels such as "Instructor Feedback" if you want your feedback to the team to be private and not be seen by the other teams.

4. Enter your comments about the team's performance and progress in the text area. Click on the star ratings to score the teams on the available criteria. Click save to post your comment and scores to the other instructors. You can update your scores after your initial posting.

6. Click "Show Ratings" to show posted scores, and "Hiding Ratings" to collapse them.

5. Weekly scores show teams' average scores from instructors over time.

6. A table shows the team's progress throughout the period.

You can review all of the comments for all periods by clicking the "All Comments" check box. This is handy when you are reviewing the team at the end of the cohort.

Want to use Scoring in your cohort? Ask our support staff to help you set it up.

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