Exporting the Canvas


If you need to share your Canvas or incorporate it into a presentation, you'll want to export as a .pptx file.

Click the 'Export Canvas' icon in the Canvas menu to start a .pptx download.

On Mac: The Canvas download will appear in the footer of your web browser as well as in your Downloads folder on your computer. Once you locate the file, you can right or ctrl + click it and select 'Open with..' then the presentation tool of your choice (Keynote, PowerPoint, etc). To open with Google Slides, first upload the file from your Downloads to Google Drive, the file with open into Slides when you double click it.

On Windows: The Canvas download will appear in your downloads folder in your current browser. You can open it using the .pptx tool of your choice. If you cannot locate the file in Downloads, you may have a popup blocker preventing the Canvas from downloading, please disable it and try again.

On Chrome OS: A new tab will open in Slides with the .pptx of your Canvas in Office Compatibility Mode. From here, you can download the slide (the button is in the top right corner) to use in Powerpoint, or Save as Google Slides (to do this click on any of the menu headers - File, Edit, etc. and click 'Office Compatibility Mode'. A pop-up will open allowing you to save to Google Slides). 

The Canvas is a one page tool to succinctly describe your plan. If your Canvas has many hypotheses and must be scrolled to see everything, it may not render correctly when exported (content may overlap). All of your data is on the slide, however you may need to manually adjust the hypotheses. 

Need a PDF of your canvas instead? Most presentation software allows you save or export your files as PDFs. You can also resize and zoom the Canvas so all objects are visible and take a screenshot.

Need to Export a Past Version?

To see how a team's Canvas has evolved over time, you may want to view past versions of it.

On the top right corner above Customer Segments, is a menu to allow you to select the "Current" or previous weeks. Select the specific week you want to view. You can also use the slider to go back to individual dates. Try sliding it from left to right to see all Canvas changes over time.

When viewing past dates an orange outline and lock icon will indicate the Canvas is locked. Click the lock icon to reset the Canvas to the current date an allow editing. 

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