How to edit a transcription

Get to know our new interface for transcriptions.

The "Edit" button allows you to edit the text of the transcription. Because the audio and text are synched, we recommend that you edit sparingly to keep the synchronization from getting altered.

Edit Transcription Speakers: Clicking this icon brings up a menu allowing you to change the names of the speakers detected through the transcription process. You can edit the speakers at any point.

To add a speaker within the text, enter @. A prompt will show allowing you to select a speaker. You must be in edit mode to insert speakers.

Transcript Editor Shortcuts: Clicking this icon will bring up the keyboard shortcuts for the transcription editor.

Reset Transcription: Revert transcription to original state.

Show Edits: Show edits made to the transcript

Play Audio: Click here to start playing transcription audio (this button also becomes a pause button when audio is playing).

Play from Selection: Move your cursor to any point in the transcript or highlight text before clicking this button, to play from a specific point.

Playback Rate: Use keyboard shortcuts tab & [ to decrease the playback rate or tab & ] to increase the playback rate.

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