Cohort Stats

Cohort Stats helps you check in on the health of the cohort .
Quickly see the progress made in canvas validation, interview goals, and insight creation.

Interview & Insights Stats
This shows the total number of insights and interviews for the cohort. Ideally, teams should be getting several insights from each of their interviews. If the number of insights does not exceed the number of interviews, what are the teams learning through the Customer Discovery process?

Hypothesis Stats Over Time 

The ultimate goal of Customer Discovery is validating the business model. By the end of a cohort every team should validate or invalidate all of the hypotheses on their canvases. Keep track of the health of the cohort. See the progress teams make in validating and invalidating their hypotheses.

Team Progress Table 

Directly below the Hypotheses Stats Over Time / Interview & Insights Stats Over Time chart you will see a table with all of the same information as well as teams' individual interview quota performance.

Team Stats 

Compare all cohort teams and individual team members in Team Stats.
You can drill down by Team Member to see their participation per week.

Instructor Stats (instructor/cohort admin access only)

Check how your participation stacks up to other instructors, could you be more proactive? View the total number of Canvas Comments, Feedback Insights, and the number of Instructor Chat, Instructor Feedback, and Peer Feedback Chat messages. 

You can drill down by Instructor to see their participation per week.

Video Views

Video Views shows a breakdown of each team and the individuals' progress on watching videos in the Video Library

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