Insight Categories

The Insight Categories are designed to help organize the insights you surface from your customer interviews. You can filter your insights by category and other criteria in the Insights View. This makes is easy to sift through many insights to find exactly what you need. You could for example, find all "Interview Candidates" to reach out and set appointments with candidates that were referred to you.

General Insight

An insight of general knowledge relating to your business idea, industry, or the interviewee. This is the default category.

New Feature

A potential new feature suggested by the interviewee during the interview. By tracking new feature requests you'll be able to understand your customers needs and create a road map for new features to implement.

New Question

A new question that you want to use in future interviews. Often the best questions are the unplanned questions you ask during an interview. By logging these you can track them and add them to you Interview Template.

Interview Candidate

A possible interview candidate provided by the interviewee. One of the best ways to find new customers to interview is by asking each subject at the end of the interview if they know anyone else you should talk to. 

New Hypothesis

A new hypothesis you'd like to add to your BMC - don't forget to add it to your canvas!


This category allows Instructors and Team Members to make a comment on the interview. Team Members will be alerted via the notification menu which allows them to navigate directly to the feedback and read your comments.
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