Using the Interviews feature


In the process of Customer Discovery you use Insights from interviews with customers and stakeholders to validate your Canvas hypotheses. The Interviews feature in the Discovery Platform is where you add your interview notes and audio and use them to create these Insights.

Add a new interview.

The first step when accessing the Interviews feature is to add a new interview.

1. Click the "New Interview" button

2. Fill out the Interview Details

3. If using a template, select one from the drop down menu

Drafts vs Published

Your Interview will be started in a draft state. Your fellow team members will be able to see drafts, but Instructors won't have access until you publish them. Publish interviews after you have completed them to share your findings with the instructional team and get their feedback.

Notes vs Transcription

Notes are text documents where you can write out any notes on the interviewee, the interview, or paste information from an outside source. 

Transcription is where you upload audio files from your interviews or other sources and have them transcribed into a text format for you to glean Insights from.

Toggling on Edit Mode

When you first load an interview you will view the read-only version of it. To turn on editing, click the "Edit" button in the upper right corner of the Notes panel.

As you add text or make edits, your changes will save automatically. 

Make sure that the saving prompt changes to "Changes Saved" after your last edit.

When you have finished editing the document, you may click "Done" to return to the read-only state of the interview, where you can continue to view the interview, add insights, and allow other team members to make changes uninterrupted. You may also choose to navigate to a different interview or feature.


An empty note will automatically be added to each interview if you haven't selected a template. 

Create a list of open ended questions to use for your interviews. We've created an example interview you may want to use as a starting point. You can copy the template into a Interview Template. Modify the template to suit your needs and use it for each new interview you conduct.

You may want to add your own formatting to notes.

After conducting the interview, it's a good idea to review your notes and log any insights.


We suggest that you record interviews to review your interviewing skills as well as share the actual voice of the customer with your team. Each team starts off with US $20 in free transcription credit, though some programs may purchase additional credit. Additionally, you may purchase credit directly in the platform if you need more.

If you are with your interviewee/s in-person you may use the recording feature within the platform. Make sure your computer or device is located at a good distance between both yourself and the interviewee/s. You need to keep the transcription portion of the software open, though you may open another tab if you'd like to access your notes at the same time. We also suggest testing your set up before attempting to record a live interview.

If you are calling or conducting your interview remotely use a recording tool that works with the tool you are using. When the recording is finished you may upload the file into the Transcription tab of the Interview.

Wait while the audio uploads:
af714f76aad03e9c368f99c6632a6000.pngAfter that, you'll get a message stating "We're analyzing your audio for possible transcription"

f214e80ee8dd1b3653b8b22cb44d6080.pngAt this point you may work on other interviews, etc, After about two to three minutes your audio will have processed and you may go back to the Transcription tab

If you come back to the transcription and see an estimate of $0.00 to transcribe, it hasn't finished yet.

221a35c6f257253c02a4f09a6b809cd4.pngOnce the audio file shows at the top and the estimate cost is calculated, you may transcribe the audio.

8b328369dc827ea032892602f6dd69a2.pngWhile the transcription is processing, you may go back and perform other tasks in the platform. The estimation for how long the transcription will take is usually fairly accurate and we do email you once the transcription has completed.

After your transcription is completed you may need to edit it

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