Creating Insights

Insights are rich annotations for notes and transcriptions that allow you to track important evidence arising from your customer interviews. You can provide a comment to capture your thoughts as well as a category to organize your Insights. Link an Insight to one or more hypotheses on the canvas to indicate if it supports or doesn't support the hypotheses.

As you create Insights, they will show up in the Insights list in the lower right side of the window. You can view all Insights for all interviews in the Insights View.

Using Insights to track sections of recorded interviews allows you to easily share impact statements from you customer conversations. Now you'll never lose track of the actual voice of the customer!

Creating an Insight

  • Highlight a selection of text. When you release the mouse button you'll see the quoted text appear in the Insight panel (top right).
    • Instructors can add Insights without selecting text to add feedback for entire interviews. At this point you can click "Save" to save the Insight or continue the optional steps below. Select an Insight category by clicking one of the colored category buttons. The yellow "General Insight" category is selected by default.
  • Add a comment, describe your rationale behind creating the Insight.
  • Link the Insight 
    • Select a segment on the canvas and a hypothesis.
    • Click the thumbs up/Thumbs down icon to indicate whether the Insight supports or doesn't support the linked hypotheses.
    • Click 'Save' to save the Insight.

The new Insight will now appear in the Insights list. When you hover over the Insight in the list you will have the option to delete the Insight and play the audio for a transcription Insight.

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