Providing feedback on interviews

Instructors can provide feedback on the customer discovery interviews teams conduct. It can be general feedback on the interview or specific feedback on a section of the interview notes or transcript. The UI for creating insights is to the right of the Notes or Transcript pane.

To give feedback on a specific section of the interview notes or transcript, start by selecting the portion of the notes or transcript. To provide feedback on the entire interview skip to step 2 below.

1. Select text from the interview. The text will be quoted in the Insights UI on the right.

2. Add a comment.

3. (Optional) If you want link this feedback to a hypothesis on the Canvas, click the "Link Insight to hypothesis..." button and select the Canvas hypotheses. 

4. Click "Save".

Team members will receive a new notification message in the Notifications menu. They can open the notification menu to see the notification and click on it to navigate to the feedback you provided

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