Using the Canvas


You can think of the BMC (Business Model Canvas) and Lean Canvas as a 'business plan on a page'. Through your customer discovery process your Canvas will evolve as you uncover insights that help validate or invalidate your hypotheses. All changes you make the the Canvas are automatically saved and can be reviewed with the date slider or the week menu. You can also export the Canvas in PowerPoint (.pptx) format to use in presentations with PowerPoint, Apple Keynote or Google Slides.

Project Description

Click the placeholder text to add a project description to your BMC to help instructors and other stakeholders understand your idea.

Canvas Notes

You can provide a detailed overview and mission statement to add more context to your Canvas via the add notes icon.

Adding Hypotheses

Click any blank area or the + icon in a section of the Canvas. A text field will appear where you may type or paste your hypothesis. Hit return to save. Hit control + return to add a new line. To edit a saved hypothesis, just click it.

Reordering Hypotheses

Once you add a few hypotheses, you can reorder them via the drag icon that appears when you hover over a hypothesis.

Linking Hypotheses to Customer Segments

Each hypotheses on your Canvas should be linked to a Customer Segment. Click on the link icon and select the Customer Segments that apply. These connections demonstrate an understanding of how your hypotheses relate to your customers!

Validating/Invalidating Hypotheses

When you have found sufficient insights that  support or don't support your hypotheses, you may decide to validate or invalidate them by clicking on the check or X icons in the hover over menu.

Commenting on Hypotheses

Instructors and Team Members can use the commenting feature to provide feedback on any hypothesis with the Add/View Feedback icon.

Viewing Insights

See how team's Customer Discovery Interviews reflect back to their Canvas by viewing linked Insights when you hover over a hypothesis.

See which Insights support or don't support the Hypothesis, allowing teams to decide whether to Invalidate or Validate the it.

Exporting the Canvas

You can export the Canvas as a PowerPoint (.ppt) document to use in presentations to share with investors or other stakeholders.

Toggle Canvas View Options

Use the gear menu to select your view options for the Canvas feature:

Turn on the simplified three pane Skinny Canvas view.

Show/Hide Hypothesis Link Colors

View all hypotheses' comment counts.

View the number of supporting and non-supporting insights linked to each hypothesis.

View the number of linked hypotheses.

Canvas FIltering Options

By default all of your Hypotheses are visible on the Canvas no matter their state. Use this menu to select which specific states you want to view.

Look at your successes by showing Validated Hypotheses or hide them to focus on other states.

Review Invalidated Hypotheses to see what you've moved on from or hide them to keep them from taking up space.

Focus on Unresolved Hypotheses to work on gathering evidence to decide whether or not to validate or invalidate them or hide them to review the Hypotheses you've finalized.

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